Clinical Methods of Otology

'Clinical Methods' have been defined as 'the set of skills medical personnel use to diagnose and treat diseases' by the most respected treatise on the subject, Hutchison's Clinical Methods. In the present times when hi-end technological advances have overwhelmed the medical fraternity systematic history taking and structured clinical examination continue to be the mainstay of understanding concerns of a patient (and his/her family) and arriving at a correct diagnosis efficiently and in least possible time. These skills are cultivated over the years and require diligence and keenly supervised clinical training. The present book 'Clinical Methods in Otology' builds upon these universal principles of examination of patients in a outdoor clinic or in an emergency ward.

The book follows a well-designed approach and familiarises the reader with art and science of building bridges with the patient, eliciting systematised history of aural complaints, performing a systematized clinical and functional examination of ears including other related areas. The book also reviews the principles of selecting appropriate hematological, biochemical, radiological, and audiological investigations based on clinical presentation. How to interpret the results and corelate them with the history and clinical findings is also discussed.

The book is intended to meet the training needs of ENT Residents pursuing post-graduate programs such as MS (ENT), DNB Otolaryngology, and other Board exams. Practicing ENT specialists and Audiologists will also find the book useful to refurbish their knowledge and further improve their clinical skills.

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